Adam San Juan

I’m happy to recommend Christina Sultes, who has done a great job for the Sunrise Networking Group as a virtual executive assistant. Her skills in being reliable, original, efficient, and honest have made a big difference for this growing group.

I knew I’d discovered someone I could count on to get things done the moment I started working with Christina. She can always be counted on, and the work she does is always of high quality and done on time. I have a lot of faith in her ability to do any job in a professional way.

Her inventiveness is another distinguishing feature. She has an uncanny ability to find creative answers to even the most difficult challenges. Her creative thinking has assisted us in developing new methods that have enhanced the SNG experience.

Her efficiency is simply astounding. She is extremely organized and can handle numerous jobs at once while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Her ability to prioritize and focus on what is important has been critical in keeping SNG on track and on pace to meet the high demands of the various SNG objectives.

Above all, her trustworthiness distinguishes her. I have complete faith in her ability to manage sensitive information while maintaining strict confidentiality at all times. Her honesty and ethics have won my respect and admiration, and we are fortunate to have her at SNG. In a nutshell, Christina Sultes is an outstanding virtual executive assistant who has had a huge impact on Sunrise Networking Group’s operational efficiency and overall member experience. I wholeheartedly suggest her services to anyone in need of a highly professional, dependable, creative, efficient, and trustworthy assistant. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Christina!

Kaleb Sultes
KS Detailing

Christina is a highly motivated and competent individual. She manages my social media platform with creative and effective content. This free’s up time for me to become a better business owner.

Jim Stowe

Christina is highly reliable, punctual and great to work with. She’s creative and helps generate ideas. She accurately and promptly completes responsibilities. I strongly encourage you to think about using her as your virtual assistant.

Wayne A. Curto

You know how you feel when you get up for work and know you have the right person working with you to get the job done? Well, I have had that feeling everyday since Christina started working with me back in March of 2016.

Christina has been indispensable, not only to my business, but to my quality of life. I started an organization, Sunrise Networking Group (SNG), in 2002, and we have approximately 325 members. Christina has allowed me the luxury of running the organization from many places around the world, including Vietnam, Peru, Italy, Greece, etc. I know when I start my daily work, Christina is as close as my computer. I spend from November through April running my business from Florida.

Christina does the billing, follows up on slow-paying members, and communicates with the membership. I would say she runs the day-to-day operations so I could focus on building the business. Dependable and reliable…you can’t ask for anything more than that!